Ascentis ESOL and English & Maths Stepping Stones are the perfect combination, complementing each other and dramatically raise learner confidence and ability.

Our ESOL assessment tasks can be broken up and taken when the learner is ready, giving the tutor the opportunity to identify assessment criteria that needs more classroom time, allowing the learner the best possible chance of meeting their full potential.

Ascentis English and Maths Stepping Stones qualifications have proved very popular with Colleges, Adult Education Services and Specialist Schools over the last year. These qualifications incorporate bite sized units that are designed to build a learners confidence and focus on their specific skills gap to enable them to progress onto Functional Skills, GCSE or work.

This event is a great opportunity to meet with Ascentis staff and to network with other providers in your area.

Whether you are hearing of Ascentis for the first time or looking to expand your provision with us, everyone is welcome.