Ascentis are delighted to be hosting Introducing British Values to your Curriculum, free CPD workshop. The CPD workshop will be an interactive workshop that discusses ways to embed and deliver core British Values into your curriculum and give delegates the opportunity to share best practice. 

The workshop is suitable for anyone working within a college/ adult ed centre who is responsible for the curriculum of students.

The sessions on the day will include the following:

Workshop 1- An interactive workshop on democracy. Exploring the question 'Is democracy real in 2018?' 

Workshop 2- An interactive workshop on the rule of law. Exploring the question 'does it serve the state or the public?'  

Workshop 3- An interactive review of the meaning of individual liberty. Exploring the question 'is our individual liberty important? Lessons from history'

Workshop 4- An interactive discussion on terrorism. Exploring the question 'death and destruction- is that the aim of terrorism?'. 

Each session will look at ways to deliver the core British Values and sharing best practice.