After two very successful rounds of the Ascentis ‘Introducing British Values to your curriculum’ CPD workshop, led by subject expert Justin Honey-Jones we wanted to share with you some highlights of the day.


4 tips for teaching British Values within the Classroom

  1. Along with the Ascentis Entry 3 & Level 1 British Values qualifications, which are accompanied by free interactive online resources, the ‘You be the Judge’ government website is a great tool to get your learners engaged with discussing one of the key pillars of British Values ‘the rule of law’.
  2. Encourage learners to research and discuss democratic historic events to understand what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how our rights have evolved as a result of it.
  3. Let the learners express their thoughts – don’t be afraid to encourage debate within the classroom. For example ask the learners ‘Do they think 16-18 year olds should be able to vote?’ and discuss the reasons behind their thoughts.
  4. There are many free resources we can take advantage of which would help the learners really engage and understand the four key pillars of British Values. For example: visit parliament; contact local magistrates’ court and invite them to come and speak within the lesson; laws and debating workshops for learners. For more information visit -

For more information about the Ascentis British Values qualifications, please contact Kirsty Sherrington on 01524 845 046 or [email protected].