When I was asked to find one of our centres to be involved in a testimonial video to show the support we offer our customers for Access to HE I had so many I could have chosen. At Ascentis we work hard to build strong relationships with them all. The City of Liverpool College Access to HE team, the first centre I contacted, agreed to be involved -which was amazing!

I had never been involved in something like this, so to see the set up was an eye opener - Lighting equipment, microphones and big cameras before any questions even got asked to the team. I could completely understand how overwhelmed the Access to HE team at the college may have felt but ever the professionals they took it all in their stride.

For me to listen to the dedication, passion and rewards this team feel delivering Access to HE to learners from all kinds of backgrounds was inspiring. The biggest thing I felt from this team which I believe will really come across in the video is the sense of achievement they feel when they see students’ progress and become successful.

I can’t wait for the video to be finalised so that I can share it with you all, and show the passion that the team have for the learners and the Access to HE qualification.

Access to HE is all about unlocking a student's potential and preparing them for their journey to University and beyond.

Thanks to Big Tank and Liam, Nick and Will – Access to HE team at The City of Liverpool College – it was a pleasure.

For more information about delivering Access to HE with Ascentis contact [email protected]