Did you know this week is Children’s Mental Health week? The latest figures show that 800,000 children in England have mental health disorders. At present, young people’s mental health and well-being is high on the government agenda so in light of this we have decided to develop the Level 1 Award in Mental Health and Well-being.


The Level 1 Award in Mental Health and Well-being introduces learners to understand the terms mental health and well-being and the different types of conditions and the support available. 


The aims of the qualification are to enable learners:


  • To understand what is meant by the terms mental health and well-being


  • To understand different mental health conditions and treatments


  • To know how to find support for mental health conditions


  • To know how to look after own mental health and well-being


The course can be delivered either as a classroom-based, blended learning, or completely online programme.


The assessment is multiple choice questions and can be completed either online or paper based with FREE online learner resources available.


The programme is designed to be delivered in high volumes & helps boost success rates due to high achievement results.


To view the mental health and well-being specification and resources or find out about any of our other SVQ’s, please click here.


To find out how you can deliver this qualification, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or 01524 845046.