Dame Louise Casey DBE CB will be reflecting on her time as a Government adviser on social policy to four Prime Ministers as well as the Casey Review, just months after her move into the voluntary sector and academia, at the Ascentis National Conference on 8th December 2017.

Dame Casey has had an extensive career working in Government for 18 years advising four Governments on some of the most challenging areas of social policy including homelessness, crime and anti-social behaviour, poverty, child sexual exploitation, troubled families, and social integration and exclusion.

Her final assignment in Government was the Casey Review, a year-long study looking into community cohesion and social integration in Britain. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss with Dame Louise Casey the Casey Review and its future impact on both social policy and education.

The Ascentis National Conference (D)Evolving Education will be Ascentis’ largest ever education event and will explore innovation in the post 16 landscape, devolution, the post-16 skills review, functional skills reform, funding and online developments in education.

Other speakers on the day include: Mark Dawe from AELP speaking on the Post-16 Skills Review; Tony Wilson from the Learning & Work Institute speaking on Devolution; Beej Kaczmarczyk from the Learning Curve Group speaking on Funding; and Sue Southwood from the Education & Training Foundation speaking on the Functional Skills Reform. Additionally bespoke workshops with the key speakers are available on Access Online, Functional Skills Reform and Funding.

Last month Ascentis was crowned the Federation of Awarding Bodies’ Awarding Organisation of the Year and the conference will provide a unique networking opportunity for education Centres across the country.

Last week Ascentis launched the programme for the conference and a conference preview video. Click to view the programme and video.

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