Ascentis are excited to be launching our new Level 1 Award in Awareness of Social Media and Online Safety, Short Online Qualification. To celebrate this, we have decided to host our next round of FREE CPD workshops in association with the Self Esteem Team.

The workshop will be suitable for anyone who currently works within an FE College/Training Provider/Adult Education Centre who is responsible for student curriculum and/or welfare.

Social media has a huge impact on young people. In a world where clicks are currency and ‘likes’ are what validates us, it can be tricky differentiating between ‘real life’ vs ‘online life’ – especially for digital natives.

Those born and raised with the smartphone as their fifth limb don’t need to be taught to run from it, but ways to use it for good. In this workshop we will debunk myths, learn to navigate the online world and get to grips with why we’re really so addicted!

The objectives of this class are:

  • To demonstrate how social media can be an amazing tool and how it can be used
  • To wake the audience up to the potential pitfalls of over using social media
  • To delve into the psychology of why we can’t go two seconds without checking our phones
  • To identify some common ways that social media can impact your mental health
  • To provide coping mechanisms around how to deal with the above

To secure your free place please visit our events page or contact Kirsty Sherrington on 01524 845 046 or [email protected]