We are delighted to announce that Ascentis have developed an interactive learning resource, which aims to help you understand what is involved in becoming a trustee for a charitable organisation. The resource is downloadable to any device and fully interactive, meaning you can work on it wherever you are and keep with you for reference purposes.

The Trustees of a charitable organisation have many responsibilities and cover a wide range of organisational activities, such as:

  • Setting and maintaining vision, mission and values
  • Developing strategy
  • Establishing and monitoring policies
  • Setting up of employment procedures
  • Ensuring compliance with governing documents
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Ensuring compliance with the law
  • Maintaining proper governmental oversight
  • Selecting, managing and supporting the chief executive officer
  • Respecting the role of staff
  • Maintaining effective board performance
  • Promoting the organisation

Being a trustee can be rewarding and enjoyable.  It is a great way to be involved in a community or a cause that matters to you. Trustees come from all walks of life and becoming a trustee is a great way to help you meet new people, learn new skills or use your existing skills in a new context. You may also want to enhance your CV, have experience of strategy and management or find out more about the not-for-profit sector before making a career change.

Being a trustee can expose you to new experiences and new groups of people.  It can present you with new challenges, constructive and exciting ones as well as some more difficult things to overcome. 

The resource is available at a fantastic opening price of just £49.99.

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