The purpose of this qualification is to enable learners to take an active part in society.


Citizenship education gives people the knowledge and skills to understand, challenge and engage with the main pillars of our democracy: politics, the economy and the law.


This Citizenship qualification will help the learners’ achievements be recognised by colleges, parents, employers and the wider community. It has been developed for range of learners, including those wishing to gain a qualification as part of a larger learning programme and young learners, 16-19 in a variety of learning environments.


It is a short, 1 unit, 2 credit, 20 hour qualification where learners will be encouraged to develop their confidence and self-awareness and also become more aware of their responsibilities and the responsibilities of others towards them.


Building on personal and social skills, tutors will help learners develop leadership, team work and communication skills, which can be delivered either as a classroom-based or as a blended learning programme.


Learners will be introduced to the democratic process in the UK and will consider the decision-making processes, how these work and how they themselves can become more involved. They will discover how politics leads and influences parts of the economy and the interdependencies of taxation and state provided services. The final part of the unit will cover legal responsibilities, including the safeguarding of human rights, law administration and enforcement.


This level 1 qualification will be assessed by multiple choice questions and free online learner resources will be available.

You can view the available resources using the link below:

Section 1 – The Political System in the UK