The suite of Ascentis Employability qualifications is designed to help learners develop skills, attributes and values which will enable them to overcome barriers to employment, build self-esteem and a positive attitude to work, helping them to take steps into work or work placements. These qualifications are also designed to meet needs of employers as well as employees, and therefore help learners not only to secure employment, but to remain within it.


Who are these qualifications for?

These qualifications are ideal for learners who are unemployed and looking to return to the workplace. The learners may be lacking confidence and need to demonstrate work readiness, through improving sector specific skills, transferable skills which will help workplace integration, understand relationships in the workplace and expectations within a working environment.

The Employability Qualifications are suitable for inclusion in Study Programmes and Traineeships as they teach a range of skills valued by employers.



Ascentis Level 1 Certificate in Creative Industry Skills Specification

Ascentis Level 1 Certificate in Creative Industry Skills Tracking Sheets

Ascentis Level 1 Certificate in Employability Specification

Ascentis Level 1 Award & Certificate for Introduction to Customer Service Specification

Ascentis Entry Level 2 & 3 & Level 1 Award in Skills for Employment Specification

Ascentis Entry Level Certificate in Skills for Employment (Entry 3) Specification

Ascentis Entry 1, 2 & 3 Award & Certificate in Using Employability Skills Specification

Ascentis Entry 1, 2 & 3 Award & Certificate in Using Employability Skills Tracking Sheets


Why should I choose Ascentis?

  • Flexible programmes, containing range of unit options enabling customised learning based on learner strengths, needs, circumstances or preferences
  • Free resources and support
  • We have qualifications to suit all ability levels and sized to suit different programme lengths.
  • Nationwide coverage, with friendly, responsive “local” service.
  • All year-round availability


Where can my learners go from here?

Learners achieving these qualifications may enter paid employment, work placement or internships.  Alternatively they could also progress on to Apprenticeships


How do I get started?

For more information on how to deliver our Employability qualifications, or to move your provision to Ascentis, or to request a visit to your centre, please contact the Commercial Team on 01524 845046 or or click here to email.

If you wish to apply now, please download the Centre Recognition Form and/or Qualification Approval Form which are available in our Key Information section.