The aims of these qualifications are to enable learners:

  1. To understand basic concepts in sustainability.
  2. To develop a basic understanding of the environmental impacts of the creation of goods and service.
  3. To understand what makes up a sustainable community.


Key Features

There are several features of this qualification that make it very appropriate for its target learners:

  1. Assessment and certification can be ordered throughout the year, allowing maximum flexibility for centres.
  2. Qualifications are ordered as single units of 10 guided learning hours.
  3. Can be delivered either as a classroom based course or as a blended learning programme.
  4. Assessment is by a multi choice test, ordered on screen or paper based.


Target Group

These qualifications are aimed at a range of learners, including:

  1. Young people wishing to pick up an award as part of a learning programme such as Foundation Learning.
  2. Young people aged 16 – 19 who are in various learning environments.


You can view a sample resource using the link below: