The purpose of this qualification is to help learners understand the benefits and potential risks when using the internet and social media. They will learn how to safeguard themselves, recognise when something is wrong and how to respond so it is dealt with efficiently and appropriately.


This qualification will also encourage learners to develop their understanding of internet technologies, the increasing use of social media, and why it is important to stay safe online.


The aims of this qualification are to enable learners to:


  1. Understand the impact of technologies on society
  2. Recognise the issues and the potential risks that users face when online
  3. Identify and manage risks and take preventative measures to stay safe online


The course can be delivered either as a classroom-based, blended learning, or completely online programme.

The assessment is multiple choice questions either online or paper based with FREE online learner resources available.

You can view a sample of the available resources using the link below: