Information on funding for learners 19+ has been moved for 2016/17 from the Simplified Funding Rates Catalogue to The Hub.  You can search for qualifications through The Hub to find out whether they are funded and any eligibility criteria.

You can access The Hub via this link:

You will notice that the 19+ funding for 2016/17 comes under 3 main headings, Local Flexibility Offer, Legal Entitlement, and Advanced Learner Loans.

Local Flexibility funding gives providers the option of delivering qualifications that there is a demand for in their area.  We are delighted that so many Ascentis qualifications are available for funding under this heading for 2016/17, for example our Short Vocational Qualifications, ESOL, Employability, and our Pre-Access qualifications.

Legal Entitlement funding covers qualifications such as Functional Skills English and Maths, Access to Higher Education Diplomas for 19-23 without a full Level 3 qualification, English & Maths stepping stones qualifications.

Advanced Learner Loans have now been extended to learners aged 19+, and are available for many higher level qualifications.  These include Level 4 and 5 teaching qualifications, Level 3 and 4 Community Interpreting, Level 3 and 4 Digital Learning Design, and most commonly, the Access to Higher Education Diploma.  The Advanced Learner Loan can be used for Access for 19-23 if the learner already has a full Level 3 qualification, and all learners aged 24+.  Advanced Learner Loans for Access are wiped if the learner goes on to complete a Higher Education degree.

Unit funding

If a qualification is funded, the units within that qualifications will also be funded.  This gives centres the option of delivering a bespoke programme of learning by taking units from different funded qualifications.

Funding for Study Programmes

Qualifications available for EFA funding for 16-18 can be found under Section 96 which you can access via this link:

If you would like any assistance with funding information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We always advise that you check with your MIS department on all funding eligibility and criteria before you commence delivery.