IDL Mission

Our mission is to lift the barriers to learning for those with dyslexia and dyslexic type difficulties.

We strive to deliver the highest quality customer service, maintain a creative and innovative workforce, and give back to the communities in which we live and work.

What is IDL?

The IDL specialist software program is designed to deliver literacy and dyslexia intervention. It is highly effective for improving reading and spelling for both children and adults. It can be used with any pupils who may be struggling with literacy or have low level literacy ability. Studies have shown an average improvement, after 26 hours use of IDL, of 10 months in reading age and 11 months in spelling age.

IDL Numeracy is our most recent development, designed for those with dyscalculia and for low attaining learners in mathematics.  It includes a fully graded course to support the National Curriculum for numeracy at KS1 and KS2. In order to be inclusive, the lessons are designed to reduce the stress those with dyscalculia would ordinarily feel when faced with mathematical problems.     

You can access the program online through your web browser, taking away the need to install software on your computers. 

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A little bit of history

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IDL was devised in the mid 1980s by educators working with the Starcross Educational Research Association. In 1998 IDL was the subject of an evaluation for the British Journal of Education by Richard Scrase. The evaluation measured the effectiveness of IDL in increasing reading and spelling in a sample of 150 children and adults. From its initial development until 2012 IDL was exclusively used by tailored learning centres across the UK.

In 2012 a programme was funded by the Big Lottery called Lifting Barriers. This allowed IDL to be developed for use within a school environment in conjunction with SENCO leaders. Over a three year period IDL was placed in to 120 primary and secondary schools across South Ribble, Leyland, Blackpool and the Fylde. IDL was required to show an increase in reading and spelling ages along with an increase in confidence and self-esteem for those pupils with dyslexia or dyslexic type difficulties. The results showed an average increase in reading and spelling ages of 11 months after only 26 hours use.

Since its development for use in schools, IDL has gone from strength to strength with schools nationwide and overseas using IDL and demonstrating real improvements for pupils with challenging literacy needs.

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