Ascentis has offered customised qualifications for many years and these have proved invaluable in recognising achievement and progressing learners to further study.


Customised Provision aims to:

  • Encourage providers to engage with the latest good practice and quality standards
  • Provide a customised accreditation scheme that can be responsive to regional, employer and learner skill needs
  • Motivate and support learners to engage/re-engage in learning
  • Allow learners to progress into work, volunteering or further educational opportunities
  • Widen participation through availability in a diverse range of subjects
  • Be used as induction courses, taster courses and or as an addition to other qualifications

By exception, we may agree to develop a customised qualification for a new centre/organisation, providing it fits strategically with Ascentis and has a sound business case. Proposals will only be considered from Entry Level to Level 3. In such cases, the first stage would be to explore if the proposal could be developed for Ofqual regulation. Send any such proposals, to include qualification details, a rationale and a business case by clicking here to contact us.


Review fee

This is a one-off, non-refundable fee. It covers the review of the proposal and supporting documentation in order that Ascentis can decide if it is appropriate to go forward for development.


Development fee

The initial review will determine the number of development days required.

To view the fees please click here

For more information please contact the Product Development Team on 01524 845046 or click here to email.